Why I Love Organic Floral Design

Waaaayyyy before I considered that being a floral designer was a career option for me, I fell in love with nature. Travel and nature run hand and hand for me because I mostly choose where I go based not necessarily on the museums I can visit, but the outdoor beauty and activities that I can see and take part in along the way. When I visited Macedonia, I wanted to spend evenings overlooking the ocean in Ohrid and climbing the mountains in Skopje. In Samana, Dominican Republic I wanted to ride horses through the wilderness and stand in the waterfalls of Limon. Everything leading me back to nature.

As an introvert, I could layout in the grass and read books for hours. I would look up and notice the way the vines on the trees intertwined with each other and the annual blooming of flowers in my area. I would walk the paths and pick flowers as I went, not touching others because they made such a beautiful design on their own. I wasn’t thinking about recreating what nature was doing in a vase or in a bouquet at this time. I was just enjoying the feeling of the calm and connectedness I felt.

Hiking through the forest while camping or just roaming around my neighborhood, finding new and interesting streets to go down to view the landscaping, became a regular part of my meditation time. Being in nature was meditation for me. At the same time I started to think about where my life was heading and what I wanted to do next in my career and the thought of “Where do you feel most at home?” kept coming back to me. I felt happiest when I was putting together small vase centerpieces for my home. So like most ISTJ’s I started doing my research and realized, what I should be doing had been sitting there in front of me all along. Become a Floral Designer. So I started taking classes and workshops in many different styles, but the style that felt most natural to me was what brought me to this path in the first place. The natural bending and winding and somewhat unruliness of plants. Organic design was for me. The rest is history.

To see more photos of our organic designs visit the gallery.

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