Should I Have Garland or Individual Centerpieces?

Moss table runner

Couples who are considering having organic floral design wedding arrangements sometimes wonder if they should go with garland or individual centerpieces to get the look that they want. Some questions you might ask are: “What will fill out my table the best?”, “Which will help give my wedding the natural feel I like?” or “What will be the most cost effective option for me?”. All of these are important questions to ask and I have three points you should consider when making your decision.

1. What kind of tables will you have? Are they round or rectangular? Will they be set out in a traditional manner or formed into the letter U? Figuring out what your room set up is going to look like will be important in deciding the style of flower arrangements. Garland may be perfect on rectangular tables with tons of green foliage and peek-a-boo flowers. You also have the option of doing a combination of low and high individual centerpieces or bud vases and candles that stretch across the table to give all your guests something to see. Start with the room and table layout and then talk with your florist about the various options and combinations available to you.

2. Price: I know there is a myth out there that garland is cheaper than individual wedding centerpieces but I’m here to squash that rumor. There are a number of factors that go into creating an arrangement; the cost of flowers and foliage, the time and experience it takes to put them together, the set up and breakdown, etc. I talked a bit more about this in the “How Much Will My Flowers Cost?” blog post. All of these factors come into play when deciding what look you want. That lush garland table runner takes a lot of foliage and time to put together so the cost can be comparable to individual centerpieces or more. What you want to consider when it comes to the cost is how many feet of table you’re trying to cover, what type of flowers or foliage you want to use and your design must haves (and where you are flexible). This will give your florists the right information to determine what your cost are going to be.

3. Which will help you get the feel and look you want? As with everything in your wedding, choose the option that is most in-tune with your style and the mood you are going for. If you want lush garland and wreaths that turn your wedding into a natural oasis go for it. If it’s your dream to have those gorgeous vases you saw years ago at a friends wedding then choose individual centerpieces!

There are so many options and the sky’s the limit when it comes to the combinations you can put together for an organic floral style wedding. Just keep these three tips in mind and you’ll be well on your way!

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