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2 Days With Intrigue Designs

The power of finding a group of women aiming for the same goals can be just the medicine needed to let you know what’s possible. A few years ago, I spent 2 days in Annapolis learning, sharing and bonding with women from across the country. #2dayswithIntrigue is a two day workshop focusing on the floral designs and business of creating one of a kind weddings. Sarah and her wonderful team lets us make their studio our home, where we designed large, over the top centerpieces, beautiful floral chandeliers, delicious bouquets and a floral wall that would be a showstopper at any wedding.

@thesimondesign and I put this monster together

But beyond the designing we learned some invaluable marketing and business strategies. How to make a comeback from freezing up on camera during a TV news interview, simplifying your social media marketing to make the most impact and how to come up with a price strategy that works for you and your business. But more importantly we learned that on the journey to a booming business mistakes will be made, tears will be had and tough decisions will have to be taken on that we don’t always know the outcome of. We live and we learn but we keep going. Beyond the classes, we really got the opportunity to get to know each other, share our stories and techniques and bond in the spirit of community. I can’t stress enough how having people around me who get it helps to keep me motivated. Now I have a group of women who I know I can reach out to whether times are smooth or rough and that is priceless. Many thanks to the Intrigue team!

To see our styled shoot please check out Renee Hollingshead Photography and Living Radiant Photography for behind the scenes pictures. For more beautiful photos, visit our gallery!

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